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Tuesday October 13th

Welcome to the Fall 2015 season. It looks like we’ll have eight teams with another set of boards at both Lucky’s and Wally’s.

Fall 2015 Full Schedule

The Dart Aholics vs. Free’s Team match will be made up at a later date.

Upcoming Schedule

Three makeup matches this week:

9/14 – Dart Zombies @ WTF! (@Lucky’s)
9/15 – WTF! @ Lucky Bastards (@Lucky’s)
9/16 – Dead Stroke @ WTF! (@Lucky’s)

There will also be a blind draw on Tuesday for all teams not playing a makeup match. Wally’s @ 7:30pm for signup. No CDA money added.

Next Tuesday, 9/22, the End-of-Season Blind Draw will also be at Wally’s.

9/26 & 9/27 the State Team will be playing in Orlando.


Tuesday September 8th

Note: This is the final week of the season…EXCEPT

The following matches need to be made up:

Dead Stroke @ WTF!
Dart Zombies @ WTF!
WTF! @ Lucky Bastards – scheduled for 9/15

Reach out to the other team and try to find a time to play.