Upcoming Events

Tuesday 1/26 – End of season blind draw at LUCKY’S (not Wally’s as previously mentioned.)

At LUCKY’S. 7:30pm sign-up. 7:45pm darts fly.

Tuesday 2/2 – General Meeting (LUCKY’S @ 7:30pm), sign-up for spring season, vote for league board members.  We always need players, so if you know someone who might like to play bring them to the meeting.

Want to help run the league? Have ideas to help the league grow? We’re looking for volunteers to help run the league. Let us know if you would like to be a board member.

Sunday 2/7 – Fall Season Banquet – LUCKY’s @ 1PM. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, but the game isn’t until 6:30pm, so come out to Lucky’s for food, raffle, trophies and, probably, a blind draw.

Tuesday 2/9 – Start of the 2016 Spring Season.


Tuesday January 19th

Note: This is the last week of the Fall 2015 season. The end of season blind draw will be next week (1/26) at Wally’s Lucky’s (7:30pm).

Postponed Matches

10/13 – Dart Aholics @ Free’s Team
12/08 – Dart Vaders @ WTF!

Team managers, please reschedule these matches as soon as possible.