Tuesday 9/22 Blind Draw

The End Of Season Blind Draw will be Tuesday September 22nd at Wally’s.

Sign-up starts at 7:30pm.
Darts fly at 7:45pm.
Cost: $5

Other dates of interest:

The final State Team weekend is 9/26 and 9/27 in Orlando. Go CDA!

League Meeting and sign up for the Fall/Winter season will be on 10/6 at Lucky’s.

Summer Season banquet will be 10/11 at Lucky’s.

Upcoming Schedule

Three makeup matches this week:

9/14 – Dart Zombies @ WTF! (@Lucky’s)
9/15 – WTF! @ Lucky Bastards (@Lucky’s)
9/16 – Dead Stroke @ WTF! (@Lucky’s)

There will also be a blind draw on Tuesday for all teams not playing a makeup match. Wally’s @ 7:30pm for signup. No CDA money added.

Next Tuesday, 9/22, the End-of-Season Blind Draw will also be at Wally’s.

9/26 & 9/27 the State Team will be playing in Orlando.


Tuesday September 8th

Note: This is the final week of the season…EXCEPT

The following matches need to be made up:

Dead Stroke @ WTF!
Dart Zombies @ WTF!
WTF! @ Lucky Bastards – scheduled for 9/15

Reach out to the other team and try to find a time to play.