State Team Tryouts

Citrus Dart Association State Team Tryout Dates

Men – Sunday February 17th 2013
Women – Sunday February 24th 2013

Sign ups: 9:30 – 9:45 AM
Start Time: 10:00 AM Sharp
Entry Fee $15.00

Skyview Golf & Country Club
1100 Skyview Boulevard
Lakeland, FL 33801-6799
(863) 665-4008

State Team Tryouts/Attendance

Any player attending the state team tryout is expected to play every match during the tryout. Any player leaving the tryout early will be banned from trying out the following season. Example: If Player “A” leaves a tryout in 2013, he/she will not be able to tryout again until 2015. Leaving a tryout is not just a burden on those keeping score; it is also unfair to those players whose standings may be affected by your departure.

The league is aware that real-life emergencies happen, and that real-life comes before
darts. Therefore, an appeals process has been implemented to protest a ban if one
should be put into place. The player banned can file a protest with the league protest
official who will decide the next course of action.

Any players that make the state team and then decide that they wish to drop have to do
so within 30 days of the tryout. Any withdrawals not compliant to the 30 day window,
will be treated the same as a player leaving the day of the tryout. The same ban and
appeals process discussed previously will apply here.